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I'm cornelius

 Actor - Yogi - Advocate - educator -


folk just be saying things about me...haaaaa

did you know?

was born in Richmond, VA

played lil league football...
marched in the marching band as a flag twirler...
formed a singing group "New Edition" style in high school
was a City wide and District forensics Champion in Poetry Interpretation
have a mini-schnauzer named Boogie
performed in my 1st Broadway show at the age of 22 with Susan Stromanand Harry Connick Jr.
am the youngest of four siblings
had a pet turtle named Colorful
participated in 2008 Braking The Cycle AIDS Ride, riding 275 miles from Gettysburgh, PA to NYC

was part of  Disney's The Lion King cast for nearly 10 years
was a gleek in high school, performing with The Duke Ellington School of the Arts  Show Choir
sang at President Clinton's 1stinauguration at The Mall on Washington
portrayed Bunky, The Burro on BET's StoryPorch, sharing screen time with Phylicia Rashad,Ossie Davis, RubyDee, and Edward James Olmos
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil is my favorite place in the world...I love it like a big girls loves cake!

do creative arts & healing work

am a Certified ERYT-200 Yoga Teacher Yeah Yeauuuhhh!

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The Little Mermaid - Moonlight Stage

Jones — a veteran of Broadway’s “The Lion King” — brings a winning combination of movement and comic timing. 

-James Hebert, San Diego Union Tribune

Cornelius Jones, Jr. is a rollicking kick as Sebastian...

-Jean Lowerison, SDGLN News Theater Critic

All the salty flavor one would expect of the music-conducting brought to life by Jones’ portrayal of Sebastian...he is wonderful in “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl.”

-Elizabeth Marie Himchack, Pomerado News

"an effervescent Cornelius Jones Jr. will have kids wishing they could take Sebastian home..."  

- Steven Stanley, 

The big show-stopper is “Under the Sea,” performed by Cornelius Jones Jr., as Sebastian The Crab

-Pat Launer, Times of San Diego

A Chorus Line - The Hollywood Bowl

I was thoroughly impressed with Cornelius Jones Jr.'s rousing riffs as Richie

-Michael L. Quintos, 

Sister Act the Musial - Moonlight Stage

“Sweaty” Eddie, Cornelius Jones Jr.,...excellent singer and comic ace.

-James Herbert, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Cornelius Jones, Jr., as Eddie...the true standout performer...with snake-like grace and captivating energy. His sly twists and turns and his voice give a whole new meaning to the term "body language."

-Larry Steckling, San 

Shrek the Musical - Moonlight Stage

Cornelius Jones, Jr., as the Donkey, is a consummate performer who fills every minute he’s onstage with vibrant, pulsating life — and all in the costume of an ass.
-Larry Steckling,

 Cornelius Jones Jr. is whimsical and fast on his feet as Donkey. 
-Pam Kragen, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Lion King vet Jones gets the proverbial role of a lifetime in Donkey and gallops with it, paying tribute to movie original Murphy while throwing in his own take, part sassy black donkey-drag queen, part rafter-reading vocals, adding up to the most ass-tastic of creations.
-Steven Stanley,


"FlagBoy...the creation of a new form of myth among gay black men, a kind of “Everyman” of the modern age and this community."
-Philip Fletcher,
"impressive is Jones’ ability to transform that self-awareness into a frank, funny, and revealing one-man show."
-Aaron Wiener, 

"...Cornelius Jones Jr. delivers a wonderful and humbly honest solo performance in FlagBoy." 
"...highly reflective, purposeful, and raw oral history..."​

Shadows & Lights  

a poetic memoir & one-man play

CONTACT me if you'd like to purchase a Copy of the book!

"In this Jones' first anthology of poetry , he comes to terms with and express great pride in his sexuality and positive-status.   His minimalist writing, recalling in some ways e.e. cummings, carves out finely designed pictographs for the mind to explore.  The depictions in his poems of the Momma figure are so endearing and heart-warming, I could almost smell the home cooked meal on the stove as I read the often monosyllabic lines on the page.  What Jones can do with one syllable, takes many at least a dozen to get across."
-Pandora Scooter, CEO Fushicho Entertainment & Spoken Word Artist

"Jones' prose pops and percolates, possessing an immediacy and energy so electric you'd swear you were at a poetry slam.  And, as with any riveting performance, you will be on the edge of your seat, captured by the rapture of Jones' "a-to-the-men" testimonies on love and lust, hurt and healing, sadness and celebration. Long before you get to the very last stanza, you will be giving this intensely moving collection--and Jones--a standing ovation." 
- James Earl Hardy, author of the bestselling B-Boy Blues series

Words from people I actually met Face2Face:

I related to every moment because it took me to a place that was honest, deep and life changing. I can't wait to see it again."
-Sekiyah Dorsett, Founder/Producer of The Rainbow

"Thank you Cornelius for sharing from your heart and touching mine (and I'm sure many others). It was a wonderful ride and I look forward to experiencing more".
-Sincerely, Rene Paul Bentine

It evoked emotion and made me think about contradictions of what a 'real' man is supposed to be and relationships between men. .
-Cierra Pacheco

a revolutionary piece of work that caused me to smile with joy and cry as I was reminded of the never ending struggle of sexuality in America and specifically the Southern Afro-American family. 

-Dr. David H

“Wow! Cornelius's new play HomoAffection was the most eclectic expression of drama I have seen in a stage play in terms of content and delivery. The incorporation of film, dance, and an amazing acting performance brought light to a deeper issue than the surface of sexual attraction."
-Kevin Stuckey, Fashion Coordinator